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Datometry Documentation

Hyper-Q for Azure Synapse Installation and Setup

Hyper-Q Installation for Azure Synapse Analytics describes how to install Datometry® Hyper-Q™ for use with Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics.

This guide contains the following sections:

About Hyper-Q for Azure Synapse Analytics Hyper-Q is a database virtualization platform that makes Teradata applications instantly interoperable with Azure Synapse Analytics.

Overview of the Hyper-Q Installation and Setup Process To ensure a successful deployment, understand the sequence of tasks required to install Hyper-Q.

Preparing for Deployment of Hyper-Q on Azure Synapse Before you deploy Hyper-Q verify that the Microsoft Azure environment meets the following requirements.

Deploy the Hyper-Q Virtual Machine Describes how to install and configure Hyper-Q VMs.

After You Install Hyper-Q After you install Hyper-Q, you can start the Hyper-Q VM, validate the installation, and configure Hyper-Q to start automatically when you boot the virtual machine.

Configure Hyper-Q Bulk Data Loading for Azure Synapse Analytics Hyper-Q bulk data loading lets you use Teradata bulk loading tools to load data in Azure Synapse Analytics.

Troubleshooting the Hyper-Q Installation The Hyper-Q troubleshooting topics provide solutions to problems that you might encounter during deployment.

Example Hyper-Q Configuration File for Azure Synapse You specify configuration parameters for Hyper-Q using the dtm.ini file.